Thoughts on building a castle

Thoughts on building a castle is intended to provide some useful information for those readers with a desire to plan for and to build a castle that is to used as a personal home. Outlined is what we have considered important in planning for the construction of this intended castle. The design and constuction of this castle is patterned generally after medieval German castles. These castles were built during the 12th and 13th century. This is about the time that most castles were being converted from the Motte and Bailey type of forification. These coverted castles and the new ones being built were constructed mainly with stone or brick, but a lot of timber was still being used. However, while the character of this castle is to be definately medieval in nature, we have built into this castle many modern features. This was done to make the castle more liveable and to provide for the latest modern electronic communication and security systems.
This outline provides a list of the topics being discussed.

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