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Welcome the Medieval Castle Builders Project Directory, this is a Lübeck Haus castle construction project site.
This web site is a part of the family of web sites owned and operated by Lübeck Haus. This site is a source of stone masonry and timber working tools and equipment. Additionally we provide medieval castle construction information, castle books, stone masonry books, building with timber books, and general building construction books, castle photos, project ideas, and additional help for those brave and daring builders who are planning to build, are building, or perhaps, do own and maintain a medieval castle.
This site will strive to provide an information source for stone masons and castle builders, and with which will help to begin to build a castle. We are talking full size stone and timber medieval castles designed and patterned after existing castles in Europe. You know the kind that puts shivers down your back when you go into them. Sometimes you can sense the history in one of these architectural masterpieces. Or perhaps something else. If you have stayed for any length of time in one, you know what I mean.
Up until now our stone and timber workshop, Old Castle Shop, was the source of castle ideas, castle links, castle books, castle plans, construction ideas, terminology, planning ideas, and other information. Old Castle Shop will continue to do so.
The workshop web site can be accessed by clicking on Old Castle Shop .
This web site will not replace our workshop one, but both will work together on any castle, masonry, or timberframing project.

We are planning to build and are laying the ground work for a mid size castle to be built in the State of Washington. This full size stone and timber castle will be built along the style of a medieval period castle that could be found today in the Alps Mountain region of Europe. This castle will be of the Burg configeration rather than that of a Schloss. We will not copy any particular existing castle, but will design this castle from the ground up.
However, it definitely will appear as a medieval castle, will have the features and capabilities of one, and could easily function as a working castle at any time during the medieval period. But like all of our castles, designed and built for modern living.
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When you are planning for your next masonry, timberframing, or boulder landscaping project and you need a few good books, visit one of our bookstores. When you need to get some good structural and civil engineering books, construction books, building with stone, stone masonry, timberframing books, castle books, or a video on castles, plus construction tools and equipment, go to our main store and bookstore, Lübeck Haus.
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on castles, masonry construction, timberframing, and engineering.

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Medieval Castle Examples

Burg Heidenreichstein

Burg Heidenreichstein

Burg Falkenstein

Burg Falkenstein

Burg Kreuzenstein

Burg Kreuzenstein

Burg Erlebnisburg

Burg Hohenzollern

Burg Hohenzollern

Festung Hohenwerfen

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  • Iron Gates
    A picture of the North Gate on our Forestry Research Station and Tree Farm.

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